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On January 8, our Alumni Fathers and Sons gathered with the rest of their families for a mass/breakfast and a photo shoot. Each went home with a family portrait after the event. Almost 50 alumni from more than 20 families were in attendance - both the father and son(s) attended SJR!

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87895/68734/83742_thumb.jpg 87895/68734/83876_thumb.jpg 87895/68734/84162_thumb.jpg 87895/68734/84012_thumb.jpg 87895/68734/84311_thumb.jpg
87895/68734/82636_thumb.jpg 87895/68734/82812_thumb.jpg 87895/68734/84480_thumb.jpg 87895/68734/84689_thumb.jpg 87895/68734/84893_thumb.jpg