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SCRIP Gift Card/Amazon Smile

Our SCRIP gift card program allows the community to purchase gift cards from the school at face value, with the school receiving a percentage of the card's value. Our next gift card order of the year will be due December 8, with orders available for pick up December 13. Please see the order form below.
There are also a variety of online order options, some that offer immediate access to your gift cards. More information is below. St. Joe's enrollment code is B2D47B5542235.  

Also consider buying gift cards to support the SJR Gift Card Drive, which begins Monday, Nov 27th and ends Friday, Dec 15th. Simply indicate on the order form which cards you are donating, and SJR will take care of the rest. We suggest cards from Target or Walmart. The Drive benefits those families enrolled with the Office of Concern at St. Cecilia's Parish in Englewood. The move away from purchasing toys, clothes and other gifts is two-fold. 1) Much of the time, what is bought is not what kids want and not kept by those kids. 2) Providing gift cards to specific stores with a variety of toy and clothing options empowers parents to buy the items for their children, which the parents know their children want, will play with and will wear.


St. Joe's participates in the Amazon Smile program. Please begin your shopping by using this URL ( and a percentage of all your purchases will be credited to the school. 

Both of these programs help St. Joe's while you shop. Please contact Liz Campbell in the Development Office ( or 201.391.3300 ext. 233) with questions.