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Virtual Junior Guidance Conferences

Dear Juniors and Parents,

The Guidance Department is going to begin scheduling “virtual” college conferences beginning the week of March 30.  The conference times will be Monday through Friday at either 1 pm or 2:30 pm. They will be using Google Hangout.

Please email either Mrs. DiFiore or Ms. Moore with at least 2 time slots that work for you and your parents.  It is important that your parents participate in these conferences, as there is a lot of information and they will be a tremendous support to you.

Prior to the conference, you will need to do the following:

  • Complete the Game Plan on Naviance (About me – Post Secondary Plans – Game Plan)

  • Post some colleges on Naviance that you are interested in

  • Use the “Compare Me” and “Scattergram” feature to see if the colleges you posted are realistic

  • Take a look at the Junior College Conference Folder that we will be sharing with you on Google Drive prior to the conference. 

Naviance is fabulous in providing your statistical chances of being accepted to the colleges you have posted.  However, it doesn’t give you additional information about the college itself. CollegeBoard’s Big Future (link is at the bottom of your Naviance Home page) will give you more information about the college itself.

Happy College Searching!

Mrs. Moore (Grades 10 - 12 - A - L) -

Ms. DiFiore (Grades 10 - 12 - M - Z) -

Contact Ms.DiFiore