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Algebra2(A)Sec1 (Period A1)

Daniel Distaulo '99

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Welcome to my class, please refer to "my pages" and you will get all the info you need.

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This is probably going to be the last time a make a public announcement that HW has, is, and looks like it will continue to be a major issue.  Everytime I check HW there are 10-15 people missing it and it is directly affecting grades.  Parents please address this!!!!!! 

Problems with HW and ClassPrep

This email is now the second time that I am reaching out to parents and students alike.  Missing/Incomplete/copied HW, as well as, no paper/pencil/calculator are continuing to be a major issue in my class.  Failures to exams and assignments are directly related to these issues and if these issues do not improve extra credit will start to be limited on a person-to-person basis.  If you have any questions please email me and also remember this Mon.(11/20) is the last opportunity for the Thanksgiving Food Drive EC.  Thank you.  

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Starting today(11/13) until next Mon.(11/20) at 10am I will be giving extra credit for anyone who donates 5 items.  It must be brought to me so I can record it and the grade itself will be TBA.  Next Mon(11/20) ONLY, they will be collecting frozen turkeys and/or frozen pasta trays so if you can handle/afford that instead it would be most appreciated.  

Free Tutoring!

I give extra help everyday unless I have a meeting or a personal engagement, BUT if you'd like a fresh take or another student to help you there are the members of the national honors society giving free tutoring in the media center.  They are there most days(they leave at 2:10 if no one shows up) and available to anyone who seeks help.  Mr. Vreeland also has more info if you'd like to reach out to him about it.

Gradebook Mistake

Parents and students, I apologize in advance b/c I made a mistake in the gradebook.  I marked the last quiz(Multi./divide radicals) as a test and it threw the grades off.  Everything is fixed and updated to today 10/18.  Thank you for your patience.  

Incomplete HW Assignments

To Parents and Students,
     I'm deeply concerned about a growing trend in our classes.  There seems to be about half the class missing/copied/incomplete HW assignments almost every time a check.  Parents please be vigilant in making sure that your son is doing the HW. Every single day there is an assignment whether it be written, studying, or reading text/watching online videos.  HW/Classparticipation is worth 15% of their grade and can really hurt their overall average if it's not done.    

Halloween Candy Drive

I'll be offering extra credit to anyone who donates candy during the Halloween Drive. 
RULES: 1. At least 1 party bag, NO nuts in the candy at all!!!
2. They must be individually wrapped, NO loose candies.
3. They must deliver it to me in my classroom(other teachers will also probably have extra credit for this and we CAN'T share it.)
4. Now sure how long Dec. Joe is collecting it, but when it's over, IT'S OVER! So let's call it 2 weeks(to 10/16) for right now b/c they need time to process it.
5. More bags will NOT net you more extra credit but it's certainly appreciated!