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SJR Team Places 3rd in Stock Market Game

A group of Green Knights placed third in the Northeast Region, comprised of more than 250 other school teams, in the annual Stock Market Game, a program of the SIFMA Foundation.
The Game, a year-long project in Frank Coppola's economics class, gives students an opportunity to manage funds in the stock market with rankings based on return of investment.
This marked the second consecutive year that SJR ranked in the Northeast Region with three different groups placing in the Top 10.
The group of captain Dominic DelPonte '20, Jerry Waters '20 and Xiao Xu '20 earned a 16.4% return on their initial $100,000 investment. While they earned a profit with most of their investments (American Express, Banco Macro, Coupa Software and Fleet Management), they saw their earnings rise with a risky gamble on Tilray, a Canadian pharmaceutical and cannabis company.
"We did a short sale with Tilray and that made us the largest profit. We bought it at $231 and sold it short for about $50 so we made almost $200/share," explained DelPonte.
"We talked about it in class," said Coppola. "While the company had just gone public last summer, we discussed the size of the Canadian cannabis market. While the firm is traded in the US, they cannot sell cannabis across the border. The students realized this created a problem for sustainable growth and it turned out, they were correct."
DelPonte believed the team benefited from using tools like Investopedia, Morning Brew and Simply Wall Street to keep a close eye on the market.
"I also asked my neighbor, who is a stock trader, for his thoughts as the year progressed. Using all of the tools available, we were able to make pretty educated decisions," added DelPonte.
In addition to following their progress online through the Stock Market Game software, Coppola works their regular transactions into their class schedule.
"Each time they make a trade, the group will take a few minutes to present to the class, defending their decision and explaining their strategy," explained Coppola. "It's helpful for others to hear how and why other individuals are behaving in the marketplace."
SJR placed two other groups in the Top 10 with the trio of Rocco Ambrogio '20, Michael Cangelosi '20 and Jack Piccirillo '20 earned 11.16% on their investment while Ted Kesoglu '20, Marc Pavic '20 and Christian Sodora '20 earned slightly more than 10%, turning their $100,000 into $111,184.
By contrast, the S&P 500 average during the time of the game was just under 1%.