Beckerich '91 Speaks to Science Classes

On Tuesday, December 6, Michael Beckerich '91 returned to campus and spent the morning provide guest lectures to nearly 200 science students at SJR.
The President/CEO of York Laboratory, Beckerich spent time educating the students about environmental science, including career opportunities, as well as local challenges in the New York metropolitan area.
"It was great to have Mr. Beckerich on site, offering these wonderful young men future options that will yield interesting careers, give them the ability to make a difference in our environmentally damaged world and earn a competitive salary," explained Mrs. Cavera, Chair of the science department.
Some of the students expressed an interest in visiting one of York's five laboratories in the area. Still others were curious with follow up questions and summer internship inquiries.
SJR's Career Day is set for Tuesday, April 18. If interested, please contact Scott Donnelly '02 at [email protected].