International Students

Saint Joseph Regional welcomes well-qualified international applicants who have a strong academic record and sufficient English language proficiency to perform well in a challenging college preparatory environment.

Saint Joseph Regional bases acceptance of international students on the following criteria:

  1. Satisfactory Transcripts: Please fax (201-391-8073) or email(admissions the last three years of the student's transcripts plus the grades for their current academic standing (report cards are not an acceptable form of transcripts). Please submit an official school document that gives a description of courses taken.
  2. Standardized Test results (TOEFL, CLEP or SLEP). Please fax or email the standardized scores using the information provided above. 
  3. An official letter from your bank noting required funds.
  4. Proper government documents for residency.
  5. Complete copy of immunization records and latest physical exam performed by your physician.

Once all of the above documents have been submitted, SJR Admissions will set up an interview. If the student is out of the state or country, a video interview will be set up. 


International Tuition:

The tuition for international students is $17,800.00 for 2020-2021.  Tuition assistance is not generally available to international students as resources are committed to assisting local families in financial need.


Please email to obtain more information on the international student application process and tuition.