Knights' Bridge Academy (KBA)

Knights' Bridge Academy is a tailored program with a clear focus on preparing young men for the challenges of high school. We understand that parents often have concerns about their sons' readiness for the demands of high school life. Worries related to maturity, disorganization, study habits, note-taking skills, and focus are not uncommon. Some students may have faced significant obstacles in their earlier academic journey, impacting their performance in 8th grade. Whatever the reason, we recognize the need for comprehensive pre-high school preparation.
Our unique program bridges 8th and 9th grade studies while catering to young men who may not be fully academically or emotionally prepared for high school. Students recommended by their Principals have the opportunity to enroll in Knights' Bridge Academy. To ensure personalized attention and focus, we limit the number of students we accept. This is why we strongly encourage interested candidates to secure their spots early.
Our primary goal for Knights' Bridge Academy students is to equip them with the tools they need to achieve academic success in high school. Our curriculum focuses on remediating deficiencies from earlier grades, and the class is intentionally kept small to facilitate significant student-teacher interaction. This sets students up for a successful transition to freshman year.
Our program takes a bridging approach to 8th and 9th grade studies with instruction led by Mr. Martin Doherty, an experienced educator with a deep commitment to student growth. Mr. Doherty's extensive background in education and specialization make him an ideal mentor for this transitional journey. With his guidance, Knights' Bridge Academy provides the foundation and support your son needs to excel in high school and beyond.


For more information, please contact Kim McDermott at 201-391-3301 or [email protected]

Tuition for the year is currently $15,000. Limited financial aid is available for the Knights' Bridge Program.


There is a $350 non-refundable registration deposit and a $200 e-book/tech fee payable when you sign your contract.

Tuition is paid over ten months, beginning in July and ending in April through the FACTS Tuition Management Plan.  Payments are deducted automatically from a checking/savings account over the ten-month period. 

To apply for the Knights' Bridge Academy, click here. You will be redirected to our parent portal where you will be required to create an account.

English: Students will focus on grammar and composition, building a strong foundation for high school. They will read primarily from short stories, mythology and relevant historical material. Vocabulary units will serve to strengthen student’s abilities to read and effectively communicate both orally and in writing.


History: Students will focus on U.S. Government and developing an awareness of civic virtue, the responsibilities of citizenship, the nature of governmental structures and law.


Math: Students will focus on developing habits of mathematical thinking. Emphasis will be placed on number theory, making use of data for problem solving and real-world applications. Students will transition to an introduction to Algebraic expressions, use of real numbers and variables to solve equations, and inequalities.


Art: Students will take Art as a “Special” that will integrate with technology. Students will learn the use of Chromebooks as tools in support of education in our STEAM program.


Health and Phys Ed: Students will alternate between Health and Phys Ed over the course of the year. There will be opportunities to develop leadership skills in a variety of programs. Emphasis will be placed on the values of teamwork and cooperation, mutual respect and support. The Health curriculum will emphasize adolescent development, building of appropriate relationships, human sexuality, and healthy choices in diet.


Theology: Students will be introduced to the teaching of the Catholic Church. No prior knowledge will be assumed.

Science: Students will be afforded the opportunity to engage in a discovery approach to a variety of lab-based topics. The major emphasis will be placed on Environmental Studies and awareness.

Learning Assistance: In addition to the normal resources available, twice each week students will have the opportunity to work with our trained Learning Assistance Counselor. Trained as a Special Education teacher, he will offer additional support for students at no extra cost.