Knight's Bridge Academy

Each year parents approach us with concerns about the readiness of their sons for life in high school. For some, the concerns have to do with maturity issues. Parents believe their son is capable of doing better work than he has done in 8th grade, but a variety of contributing factors have resulted in poor grades. We hear about disorganization, poor study habits, poor note taking ability, lack of focus. For others, some life circumstances significantly impacted 8th grade, and sometimes earlier performance. Significant illness, death of a family member, discovered learning issues are frequently cited. And sometimes there is just a fact of inadequate academic preparation.


Whatever the reason, we recognize that there is an issue with some students wanting to be part of the SJR community who also need more preparation. We have developed a program to meet the needs of young men who may not be academically or emotionally ready for the rigors of a college preparatory curriculum. This year, we are offering students who receive a recommendation from their Principal the opportunity to enroll in the Knight’s Bridge Academy. We have extremely limited space in the program, so interested candidates are encouraged to enroll early. Once the seats are filled, we will create a wait list.


Unlike some other programs, we will be offering a blended curriculum under the guidance of an experienced 8th grade teacher. Our program will uniquely blend 8th and 9th grade studies.


Knight’s Bridge Academy will work to prepare young men to take the steps necessary to ensure an academically successful high school career. The course of study will focus on remediation of deficiencies in the grade school experience. The class will be small and allow for a great deal of student-teacher interaction. In the first half of the year, special attention will be given to a review of essential topics from 8th grade. In the second half of the year students will be introduced to the concepts and skills they will be required to master as freshmen.


The course of studies will reflect a bridging approach to 8th and 9th grade studies.


For more information, please contact Hillary Barnett at 201-391-3300 x246 or


Tuition for the year is $15,000. Limited financial aid is available for the Knight’s Bridge Program.


There is also a registration fee of $800, which is a non-refundable deposit that is credited towards your tuition as well as a $200 Ebook/Tech fee.

Tuition is paid over ten months, beginning in July and ending in April through the FACTS Tuition Management Plan.  Payments are deducted automatically from a checking/savings account over the ten-month period. 

Please complete the two steps below to register for the Knight's Bridge Academy:
1.  Click HERE to register student and parent/guardian information.
2.  Click HERE to pay the $800 registration fee.  This is a non-refundable deposit that goes towards your first tuition payment.  You may also contact the Business Office to arrange payment by check or cash - 201.391.3300 x:205

English: Students will focus on grammar and composition, building a strong foundation for high school. They will read primarily from short stories, mythology and relevant historical material. Vocabulary units will serve to strengthen student’s abilities to read and effectively communicate both orally and in writing.


History: Students will focus on U.S. Government and developing an awareness of civic virtue, the responsibilities of citizenship, the nature of governmental structures and law.


Math: Students will focus on developing habits of mathematical thinking. Emphasis will be placed on number theory, making use of data for problem solving and real-world applications. Students will transition to an introduction to Algebraic expressions, use of real numbers and variables to solve equations, and inequalities.


Art: Students will take Art as a “Special” that will integrate with technology. Students will learn the use of Chromebooks as tools in support of education in our STEAM program.


Health and Phys Ed: Students will alternate between Health and Phys Ed over the course of the year. There will be opportunities to develop leadership skills in a variety of programs. Emphasis will be placed on the values of teamwork and cooperation, mutual respect and support. The Health curriculum will emphasize adolescent development, building of appropriate relationships, human sexuality, and healthy choices in diet.


Theology: Students will be introduced to the teaching of the Catholic Church. No prior knowledge will be assumed.

Science: Students will be afforded the opportunity to engage in a discovery approach to a variety of lab-based topics. The major emphasis will be placed on Environmental Studies and awareness.

Learning Assistance: In addition to the normal resources available, twice each week students will have the opportunity to work with our trained Learning Assistance Counselor. Trained as a Special Education teacher, he will offer additional support for students at no extra cost.