Learning Center

Introduction:  In September 2005, Saint Joseph Regional High School began a new program, The Learning Center, designed to address the needs of College Bound students of average or above average intelligence who have mild learning disabilities.  This goal is pursued in an environment of structure, encouragement and instruction.

Since all Learning Center Students are mainstreamed into the regular college preparatory course of studies, learning support is the integral component of the program.

Learning Center Goals - The program has seven purposes:  
  • To help develop excellent study skills 
  • To enable students to develop strong organizational and critical thinking skills
    To provide learning support for students in their other classes
  • To teach students to be self-advocates
  • To foster independent learning
  • To provide remediation in deficient subject areas
  • To enable students to work on SAT preparation and test taking strategies

Student Selection:
In order to qualify for the Learning Center program or receive accommodations and modifications, a student must be a resident of the state of NJ and classified by the State of NJ.  In addition, entering ninth graders must take the COOP exam and submit a freshman candidate record form.

The IEP/ISP must be included with the student’s application.  IEP/ISP’s that surface after students have been accepted to the regular school program may not be honored.

Students are scheduled for the Learning Center for one period each day. 
The Learning Center teacher interacts regularly with the Guidance Department, the student’s teachers and the student’s parents.The Learning Center teacher ensures that the classroom teacher has the student’s approved accommodations & modification list needed to succeed in their class.
  • Preferential seating
  • Adjusted testing times
  • Assistance with note-taking
  • Assistive technology, if necessary
The Learning Center teacher monitors each student’s ISP and interacts with the Child
Study Team and the student’s classroom teacher.

Grading:  Each academic quarter a student’s grade for the Learning Center will be determined by progress in organizational skills, progress in study skills and time management.  Each day a student will be graded on one or more of the following requirements.
  • Preparedness for class
  • Accuracy of the daily assignment
  • Completed assignments in all subjects
  • Appropriate use of time

Commitment:  Saint Joseph Regional High School is committed to meeting the needs of all students who enroll in the school.  We are determined to enable our students to succeed and develop their full potential.  The Learning Center is an important initiative that will make these goals a reality.

For Information: 
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