Insurance & Repairs

What to Do if your Chromebook Breaks or is Not Working Properly: 
  • Bring the broken/non-working device to the Media Center
  • The device will be assessed to determine:
    • manufacturer's defect (first year only)
    • accidental damage*
      • can be fixed in-house
      • needs to be sent to the Repair Depot 
    • intentional damage 
*Accidental insurance is provided for all student Chromebooks
Accidental damage is covered by insurance. Intentional damage will result in the loss of insurance, device, as well as school discipline. 
INTENTIONAL ACTS:  The policy will not cover loss or damage caused by intention or destruction of property.  Students who purposefully damage their Chromebooks will be sent to the Dean of Discipline and will need to purchase a replacement from SJR for $475. 
Students who lose their Chromebooks will need to purchase a replacement from SJR for $475. 
Repair Timeline: 
  • $25 repair fee (Check, Credit, or Cash) is due before claim is filed*
  • The accident damage claim is filed with Worth Group
  • The claim is processed by Worth and FedEx Label is sent via Email
  • The damaged Chromebook is packaged for shipping
  • FedEx is contacted for pick up, once picked-up it is sent to the Repair Depot in Stillwater, Oklahoma
  • Repair Depot usually takes 7-10 business days to assess, fix, and return the device to SJR (please note:  recent supply chain issues have delayed the repair timetable)
  • Upon arrival at SJR repair work is assessed by SJR staff
    • If necessary, the student Chromebook will be re-enrolled in the school management software
    • Any other necessary maintenance is performed
*Claims will NOT be filed and students will NOT be able to borrow a Loaner if the $25 fee is not paid up-front.
Damage deemed intentional and not accidental will NOT be covered by the accidental damage insurance policy.  The student will need to purchase a replacement Chromebook from SJR for $475 
The 22-23 School Year Loaner Policy
  • Students will be able to borrow a Loaner if they forget their Chromebook or it is not charged if they arrive at the MC prior to First Period (8:10)
  • Students will be able to borrow a Loaner Chromebook when their device has accidental damage and it needs to be sent to the Repair Depot for repairs.  
  • Student should bring their damaged Chromebook to the Media Center (before or after school). 
    • In order to file an insurance claim, the student must report the accident and how the damage occurred
    • Pay a $25 repair fee in cash, credit, or check made payable to SJR.
    • The student will be given a Loaner for the duration of the repairs.  This Loaner Chromebook will be allowed to leave school and used throughout the duration of the time the student device is getting repaired.  Once the Chromebook is back from the shop, the Loaner must be returned to the MC and inspected for damage.  The student is responsible for any damages sustained to the Chromebook Loaner. Repair fee: minimum $25 Lost Loaner Fee: $475.
Summer Breakages:  There is no summer service.  However, devices accidentally broken over the summer may be brought to the SJR Main Office along with w/ a $25 check payable to SJR but the device might not be returned until September.
Insurance Policy
  • All SJR issued Chromebooks come with a 4-year accidental damage insurance policy. 
  • There is a minimum fee of $25 for all insurance claims. 
  • Please note: battery replacement is not covered by the accidental insurance policy:  
Please note:  Repair fees and replacement parts prices are subject to change at any time when determined to be necessary by the school administration.
Accidental Damage Repair Fee $25
Replacement Costs:
  • Chromebooks: $475
  • Power cords:  $40
  • Cases:  $30 
  • Sleeves:  $20

Important Tech Reminder:

  • Please only use the charger that came w/ your chromebook or an authorized replacement from the manufacturer (replacements are available at school).  Other chargers may not meet safety regulations. There are many 3rd party chargers that have different output voltage and current ratings, and may use poor quality components.
  • Chromebooks are a school tool and not a charger for cell phones and other devices.  Some devices, especially new high speed USB C cables, can cause damage to the Chromebook battery and void the warranty.
  • Chromebooks and all other tech tools should not be subjected to extreme temperature, hot or cold. Please take extra care with regard to temperature fluctuations. If the Chromebook has been left in the cold, do not power it on until it has been brought inside and adjusted to room temperature.