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Chromebook Program » Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Regulations governing the SJR Chromebook program are as follows:
  • Chromebooks must be purchased through Saint Joseph Regional High School when registering
    • Incoming freshmen receive their school-issued Chromebooks, SJR account information, passwords, and instructions during their first cycle of STEAM. 
    • Transfer students will receive devices and instructions at a date and time TBA  during the first full week of school in September or when they enroll during the school year.
  • Chromebooks are a school tool and should always be used as such
  • Chromebooks should be brought to all classes
  • Chromebooks must be brought home every night and recharged before school begins the next day
    • Chargers should NOT be brought to school. 
  • Students in the Class of 2020 and beyond must keep their Chromebook in the SJR supplied case at all times 24/7/365 until graduation.
    • Students in Class of 2019 should carry their Chromebook in a protective sleeve or case.  
    • Do NOT put any stickers or other materials on the cover of your Chromebook case. 
  • Students are not permitted to make changes to the operating system, software, or hardware of their Chromebook
  • Students may not remove or deface any identifying barcodes or tamper evident seals on their Chromebook.
  • Students are never allowed to remove the screws and the back cover of the Chromebook. Students needing assistance with the internal battery need to bring the Chromebook to the Technology Office
  • SJR Google accounts must only be used for SJR related activities. 
  • Do NOT use your school account to register for any non-school service or as a phone backup
  • All Chromebooks MUST be insured through the Worth Ave. Group. Students having any hardware or software issues with their Chromebooks should report the problem to a member of the SJR technology department immediately;
  • Accidental damage is covered by insurance.
  • Intentional damage will result in the loss of insurance, device, and the student will be subject to school discipline.
  • INTENTIONAL ACTS:  The policy will NOT cover loss or damage caused by intentional damage or destruction of property.
    • Replacement  Chromebooks must be purchased directly from SJR for $475. and will include insurance until graduation.
  •  Please note that battery replacement is not covered by the accidental insurance policy;
  • Students whose Chromebooks are being repaired or replaced by the Worth Group can borrow a “loaner” Chromebook, but must return the “loaner” before leaving school. Loaners must stay on school premises at all times. Borrowers are responsible for any damages sustained to the Chromebook loaner. There is a $25 minimum fee. If a loaner is lost, the replacement fee is $475.