End-of-Year Appeal

The past 8 months have brought challenges and triumphs to our school.  In no small part due to the generosity of donors like you, SJR opened on time in September with a rotating, hybrid schedule of in-person and virtual classes. Fall sports and other extracurricular are being held. The boys are where they belong - back together – and the school is open for instruction 5 days each week.

COVID brought an increased cost of educating students at SJR. To safeguard the students and staff on campus, we have replaced our entire air circulation system. Classrooms are wiped down after each lesson and the entire building is cleansed each day requiring products with inflated price tags and additional manpower. While half the boys are learning in the building, the other half are reliant upon our technology infrastructure which needed to be beefed up and secured. The need for our existing teachers to quickly become experts in virtual education has necessitated additional staff development.

All of this is why we are so grateful for your support.