About Me

I am entering my 43rd year as a Science educator.  I spent 38 of these years as a Science teacher in three New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) high schools in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. I also worked as a school administrator and Science Assistant Principal in the NYC DOE. Prior to coming to SJR, I worked as a Science Department Chairperson at Fontbonne Hall Academy in Brooklyn, NY for over two years.  I also have been an Adjunct Professor of Biology at: Kingsborough Community College (Brooklyn, NY), St. John's University (Jamaica, NY) and St. Joseph's College (Brooklyn, NY).
          I have had the good fortune of teaching all of the traditional high school Science subjects along with everyone of the Advanced Placement Sciences except Calculus-based Physics. I also have several years of teaching specialty subject classes: Anatomy & Physiology,Histology and teaching and administering Intel- / Siemens-level Science Research. When I was at Fontbonne I not only taught AP Physics 1, I also helped institute the new AP Capstone Program through AP Capstone Seminar.
           I received my B.A. cum laude in Biology from the University of Wisconsin (Madison) and Adelphi University. I also have three M.A.'s or an equivalent PD with highest honors from: Brooklyn College CUNY (Secondary Education Science), Columbia University &  Teachers College (Computer Science / Computing in Education),  and Brooklyn College CUNY (Secondary Education Administration and Supervision).
     Hillsdale, NJ
Teaching Philosophy:
  1. Students need to have fun in their Science subject matter and they should thoroughly enjoy their classroom and lab experiences!
  2. No student ever rises to low expectations!
  3. There are never any problems inside and outside of the classroom, there are only solutions.
Fun Fact(s):
Since I've been teaching at SJR, I have been asked, "Mr. Winston, what kind of dog would you have if you could own one?" and "Mr. Winston would you own a cat?"   
Well, we used to own a golden retriever, Liberty (...she was purchased on July 4th).   And before we had our first son Noah, we had three cats at the same time: Pumpkin, Salem and Tarot.
When I was growing up, I had the following as pets (not all at the same time):
  • Mynah Bird (talking)
  • 6-10 Snakes
  • Lizards 
  • Sea Horses
  • Alligator
  • Tropical Fish
    • Fresh water
    • Marine
When I am not at SJR you'll find me:
At home in Hillsdale with my wife (Jennifer) and two young sons (Noah, 5 yrs and Benjamin, 3.5 mo.).  I like horticulture, farming, astronomy, cycling and cooking. If we are not at home, then we are out shopping or out vacationing.
Ask me about:
  • African Violets
  • Cacti and succulents and
  • Setting up and maintaining a terrarium
  • Major League Baseball History
I like to work at SJR because:
  • I enjoy teaching hands on and minds on STEM to students who are motivated and want to have fun in the classroom or lab.  If I also include my very short commute to SJR, then I am working in the ideal venue for all of this!
  • The young men that I teach are highly intelligent and inquisitive
  • The teachers in every department including the  Science Department are: helpful, generous with their pedagogy, supportive, and exhibit camaraderie. 
  • Author Thomas Wolfe once wrote, "You Can't Go Home Again," but that's not true as at SJR I am back home!