About Me


Kevin McNulty is a 1978 graduate of Saint Joseph Regional High School.  He earned his Bachelor’s degree in History and Religious Studies from Iona College in 1982, and his Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from Iona College in 1994.  He also has received an MA in History from Fordham University and an MA in Jewish Christian Studies from Seton Hall University. He has worked in both inner-city and suburban Catholic secondary schools since 1983 in a variety of teaching and administrative capacities. He was named President of St. Joseph Regional High School on July 1, 2019.



Pearl River, New York


Teaching philosophy:

Teaching is primarily about engaging persons in a transformative process. It is a relational endeavor. Teachers are not mere transmitters of knowledge. They must share their passions, and so awaken the passions in others. Students come to understanding in a process of discovery. Enabling discovery is how Jesus taught. There were few simple answers, but plenty of parables and challenges to standard ways of thinking. 


When I’m not at SJR you’ll find me:

Practicing Martial Arts


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I like to work at SJR because:

I feel like I have come home to a whole new set of challenges for which life has been preparing me. I have been inspired by the love that so many have for St. Joe’s and their heartfelt desire to see the school prosper.