I am originally from Ireland, and received all of my formal education there. I immigrated to the U.S. many years ago, and now consider this home, though Ireland will always have a special  place in my heart.

Despite having a degree in history, geography,  and anthropology, I have taught many age groups and levels in a variety of subjects.

Throughout my academic career, I have taught the Irish army,  geography, I have taught 4th grade science, 6th grade E.L.A., 8th grade math,10th and 11th grade Theology, and history or social studies to all levels of  middle school and high school students.


My home town is  Ballina. It is a little town in the West of Ireland  in Co. Mayo.

Teaching Philosophy: 

Education to me is a lifelong process.Learning and the appreciation for learning is the gift that a teacher gives to a  student, and that the student accepts. With that being said, as the student learns the teacher also learns, so learning is  truly a two way process. Everyone has something to teach, and everyone always has something to learn.

When I’m not at S.J.R. you will find me:

Walking my pug, Flotsam and traveling whenever and wherever I can. So far I have been to 25 states in the U.S., and 32 different places in the world. I also like to run.

Fun fact about me :

I have jumped out of a plane twice, and have run the Rock and Roll half marathon in Las Vegas. 

I like to work at SJR because :

Of the real sense of community you find here.