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Internship Program

Internship Program


What is Internship?


-An opportunity to explore a career

-A chance for students to determine their future career path prior entering college

-Utilizing classroom skills for real-world application


What are some of the benefits to the students?


-Work to learn outside of the classroom

-Learn professional skills and office etiquette

-Network with co-workers

-Determine a career path or narrow down options

-Differentiate yourself from other students – be uncommon on the common application

-Learn time management

-Excellent talking point during college interviews

-Opportunity for job placement after completion

-College internships choose interns that have already experienced internship in high school


How to apply (all forms are in the folder)


-Fill out the application

-Write a letter of intent

-Submit a resume

-Teacher recommendation

-Guidance approval

-Current picture


Program Facts


-Students will interview with the internship team

-Students will be matched and placed with local mentors

-This is considered an extra-curricular program (after school)

-Will not interfere with sports/theater/clubs

-Students will receive 5 credits

-Students are required to work 100 hours

-Student must provide their own transportation

-Students will pay $250 (class fee)


What are some internship placements?