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James MorrisonHello, my name is James Morrison and I am blessed and honored to be this year’s Saint Joseph Regional High School Student Council President
As president of the Student Council, we, alongside the administration, coordinate a number of events and student activities that are in the student body’s best interest. All members of the student council are leaders both within their class and the school community. We are a diverse group of young men, and continuously strive to be faithful men.
Saint Joseph Regional is an environment that attracts some of the most talented students from the area, allowing for a manifold combination of gifts and attributes to be brought to the student council. It is the Student Council’s responsibility to highlight these talents, and provide an environment where all students can express their ideas and abilities in the best ways possible.
The Student Council as a whole strengthens the SJR community, and lifts our brothers up to become the best version of themselves as Vir Fidili. The student body of St. Joe’s is one like no other, and provides a brotherhood and family of well-rounded men that support each other in all endeavors, both in the classroom and out.