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Message from Student Council President

Hello, my name is Tyler Conroy, and I am the Student Council President at SJR.


The Student Council gives students the opportunity to work closely with the faculty of our school and to make our voices to be heard as leaders. SJR takes great pride in the close-knit community we have created, utilizing the diverse abilities of every unique individual in a dynamic and motivated environment.


In my personal experience at SJR, I have made many friends through my participation in Student Council, the school musical, tennis, French Club, chorus, and other extracurriculars. My experiences at school have greatly impacted my life, and show the influence Saint Joe’s can have on every student. Throughout their four years, students are encouraged to become involved in academics and extracurriculars, which allows each of us to become well-rounded and to grow as “Vir Fidelis.” With clubs and activities for every interest, in addition a core focus on education, the student body comes together to make up a group of greatly diverse students with a remarkable level of involvement.


The Student Council plays a significant role in building the SJR community. We have the responsibility of sustaining the greatness of our school while continuing to make improvements when necessary. With our efforts, we will be able to work as individuals and as a team to ensure every SJR student will have a successful four years.