About Me


Roger Kintish has been an English teacher at SJR since 2007 and has been the English Department Chairperson since 2014. He has taught Freshmen and Sophomore English, and all levels of Junior English. Mr. Kintish currently teaches Accelerated, Honors, and AP levels of Junior English. He is also in charge of the SJR Sound Crew and helps moderate the SJR Student Council with the help of Mr. LoGiudice. He is also the faculty moderator for the SJR Social Action Alliance.

Mr. Kintish was graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a BA in Theater Arts with a concentration in Theater Management, from NYU's Stern Graduate School of Business with an MBA in Finance, and from William Paterson University with a Teacher Certification with Advanced Standing in Secondary English.  He is currently a doctoral student at Montclair State University in the Teacher Education and Teacher Development program.

Previously, Roger Kintish was the Technical Director for SJR's Performing Arts Program from 2004 to 2015, being responsible for all backstage operations including stage crew, light crew, props, and set construction. He can still be seen lurking around the Inserra Theater, helping out with our shows, designing and running lights for various concerts, and helping guests who rent our auditorium. Prior to teaching, Mr. Kintish worked on Wall Street for twenty years in various financial capacities in commercial banking.


I grew up in Rockaway, NJ and have been living in Wayne, NJ for over 30 years.

Fun Facts:

I am a former certified archery instructor. I am a former Starbucks barista. I have been to Loch Ness, but I did not see the monster. I have been to Buckingham Palace, but I did not see the Queen. I attended a conference at a 14th century castle in England, but I did not see a ghost.

Favorite Novel:

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald