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Daily COVID-19 Screening Form posted on Genesis:  Parents need to complete the COVID-19 Screening Form each day. The form is now housed in Genesis and you will receive an email each night before school to complete the form before arriving on campus. In order to access the form, you must sign-in to Genesis and it is located under the Forms tab. If you indicate that you are experiencing symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, you must stay home and contact Nurse Monika Sikora [email protected]
Adjusted Hybrid Schedule:  Beginning Monday, October 5th  we will be adjusting our hybrid model in an effort to have fewer students in the building and fewer in each classroom.
The student body will now be split into two groups alphabetically.
Green Team: A – L
Gold Team: M – Z & Donnelly Scholars
Knight’s Bridge Academy students will continue to come to school each day
The groups will come in on alternating days, and the group that is home will continue to tune into
their classes in real-time, as they have been doing.
Monday (10/5) – Green Team
Tuesday (10/6) – Gold Team
Wednesday (10/7) – Green Team
Thursday (10/8) – Gold Team
Friday (10/9) – Green Team
The schedule will then continue in the same pattern. We do understand that this will cut down
on the number of days that students are in-person for instruction. However, this is being done to keep our community safe, which is our primary concern.
Dinner, Tricky Tray, and Cornhole Tournament
Due to COVID restrictions, there are a limited number of tickets available to SJR students to attend HOME football games this season.
Therefore, the only fair way to determine who may attend is through a lottery. Before each game, we will re-draw the lottery.
SJR students are not allowed to attend AWAY games.
Those students who have been selected for the game this weekend have already been notified.  No other students are permitted to attend. 
Beginning on Monday, October 5th, shorts and sneakers are no longer an acceptable part of the uniform.  All students must be in khakis or dress pants with shoes.
Students will be required to be in their SJR polo shirt each day, including days of remote learning.
All other areas of the dress code remain the same and can be found in our Student Handbook.
Questions? Mr. Roberts - [email protected]
Acceptable face coverings:
No gaiters
No inappropriate content on masks
No face shields
Acceptable Face Covering
Guardians should all have been receiving an email regarding the COVID Screening Form, to be completed each day before your son arrives to school.
Moving forward, the form will only be submitted if your son is experiencing symptoms.  You should view the form each day to verify your son's health, but only submit the form if he is experiencing symptoms and then contact the school nurse ([email protected]).
When students are expected to be in-person for school, they are not able to simply stay home and participate virtually.  If for some reason, you are ill and cannot attend in-person, then you must notify the school immediately.
Those students who are expected to be in-person and do not attend will be marked absent.  Repeat offenses will be met with disciplinary consequences.
If a student is expected to be in school but does not come to school, they are not permitted to participate in ANY extracurricular activity that day.
  • Parents/Guardians should send one teacher an email asking for a Google classroom summary invite.
  • Parents/Guardians will then receive an invite via the email address sent to the teacher. 
  • Parents/Guardians need to accept the invite and follow the directions to receive either a daily or weekly summary of announcements and assignments  
Only one teacher needs to invite a parent/guardian, once the invite is accepted the parent/guardian email address is connected to that student and they will have access to all classes
  • Parents and guardians will not be a part of the classroom but will receive email summaries of Missing Work, Upcoming Work, and Classroom Activity - Please note:  summaries begin from the day guardians accept the invite
More information can be found here:   Classroom Email Summaries for Guardians 
  • Since March, the Internet, and computers worldwide have been asked to perform at unprecedented levels.  Video-conferencing tools are memory-intensive and demand a lot from your network and devices, especially when you are participating in multiple MEETs a day (students take part in 7!).  The first and easiest troubleshooting step when encountering a problem whether, on a laptop, desktop, Chromebook is to restart the computer.  Without a hard drive to boot up, a Chromebook can reboot in 8 seconds.Restarting any computer clears the current state of the computer and software, which were causing the problem. Restarting can even help solve the Internet or Network problems. When it restarts, everything starts fresh, and problems are typically resolved.  For homework, students should proactively power down your Chromebook daily.  By the way, Google updates automatically when devices are restarted so this will keep you up to date with the latest updates, of which there are many. When at school (in-person or virtual) it is important to only have school tabs open, running videos or games in the background will seriously slow down connections for not only yourself but for everyone connected to the school network.  
  • Please only use the charger that came w/ your Chromebook or an authorized replacement from Dell/HP/IBM (replacements are available at school).  Other chargers may not meet safety regulations. There are many 3rd party chargers that have different output voltage and current ratings and may use poor quality components.
  • Chromebooks are a school tool and not a charger for cell phones and other devices.  Some devices, especially new high-speed USB C cables, can cause damage to the Chromebook battery and void the warranty.
  • Chromebooks and all other tech tools should not be subjected to extreme temperature, hot or cold. Please take extra care with regard to temperature fluctuations. If the Chromebook has been left in the cold, do not power it on until it has been brought inside and adjusted to room temperature.  Damage as the result of exposure to extreme elements is not covered by the school insurance policy.
Update your SJR App to the new platform:  Click here for easy setup instructions
Students are temporarily not permitted to print on shared school devices.