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Revolutionizing the Classroom

Mrs. Martha LoBianco


Since SJR introduced the Chromebooks, I have incorporated them into every aspect of my teaching. Students no longer use paper notebooks. Using Google Drive, students create folders to store their notes in vocabulary, grammar and culture. They also have homework folders and writing folders.


Because students can easily share these folders, I can track if they are on target with their notes. Last year our department began using a new textbook that had online capabilities, so that the text and the workbook were easily accessible at all times. I use Google Classroom to assign their work; students then complete and submit the work electronically. They also do online exercises and take notes right in the text.


The Chromebooks also allow students to tackle a wide range of projects, including thinglinks (interactive images) and voice threads (collaborative, multi-media slide shows). Students can use the technology to make virtual trips to countries that are studied, complete speaking assignments from the virtual textbook and record their voices. They also utilize their Chromebooks to access Duolingo, which is a program that allows them to practice all the Spanish they have learned. This year, I have implemented Khan Academy units on the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs.


I have found that my students, all of whom grew up in the “digital age,” are much more engaged now than they were in a typical classroom setting. It has been a joy to see how the Chromebooks have allowed new and different ways to connect with a foreign language.


LoBiano teaches Spanish I, II, III and IV Honors at SJR.