The Guardian newspaper, published bi-monthly, includes interviews, features on school events and activities, reviews of literature, films and games, and other editorial content. Through routine meetings and workshops, staff members learn the finer points of journalism and layout.
Editor-in-Chief: Nicholas Steinhauser
Managing Editors: Shane Brennan, Jaden Hernandez
Entertainment Editor: Ashton Samson
Sports Editor: Jake Persaud
Photographers: Tanner Kurtz, Luis Saenz
Staff Writers: Thomas Brennan, Michael D'Eletto, Timothy Doherty, Joshua Friedman, Saul Garcia, Michael Mainelli, Conor Mahoney, Brendan Neafsey, Ryan Tobin, Aidan Woods
Moderator: Mr. FitzSimons
Guardian Newspaper: 
Thursdays in the Newspaper Office
Moderator:  Mr. FitzSimons