"Service Above Self"

New members are always welcome. Please see Deacon Joe Sisco for details.


The ACES group is open to young men and women from the ages of 13-17 having at least one parent being of Italian descent. Unlike other chapters, because of our high school base, the ACES are involved in our regular chapters activities and meetings (non-voting), however, they also have their own leadership structure and meetings aside from the parent chapter.

Objectives of the program are to foster a positive image of all Italian Americans, to bring together young people with the same heritage and background; to have young Italian Americans become more familiar with their heritage, culture, traditions, and the Italian language; to provide places and events so that youngsters will have the opportunity to meet and socialize with their peers; to provide youngsters with the opportunity to discuss current issues that affect their daily lives; to provide help and guidance in college placement, job opportunities, scholarship availability and career availability; to provide service to the community.


2019-2020 ACES Executive Board:


First Vice President: 

Second Vice President: 


2019-2020 Chapter Officers:

Chapter President: Deacon Joseph Sisco
1st Vice President: 
2nd Vice President:  
Recording Secretary: 
Past Chapter President: 

Deacon Joe Sisco 
Meetings will be held every other Wednesday at 2PM in Room 204