SJR’s First Open House is a Success

On September 19, SJR held one of the most packed and involved Open Houses that they have had in a very long time. Prospective and current students alike bonded over their interest for Saint Joe’s, as the soon-to-be Green Knights were able to learn what SJR was all about.
When Open House started at 11:00 a.m., families arrived on school grounds, and they were greeted with the welcoming faces of current students and faculty. The senior ambassadors introduced the families to the community and directed them to the stations where they needed to check in. Once they did this, the families were then brought to the mall in front of the SJR building, where Mr. Bruno spoke about the great things St. Joe’s has to offer.
When he was finished, all of the Open House attendees were divided into six groups, which were led by senior ambassadors across the school campus. Through these student-led tours, families learned about the environment of Saint Joe’s, as well as the academics and extracurriculars that the school offers. On the Open House tour, families had the opportunity to learn more about six important components that make SJR a vibrant school: academics and programs of study, the theater department, the campus ministry program, school technology and the media center, freshman guidance and transition to high school, and athletics and extracurricular activities. Prospective students were able to learn why each of these make Saint Joe’s a unique school.
Families were given more insight to the outstanding SJR football, wrestling, baseball, and golf teams, all of which performed amazingly during the 2020-2021 school year. They got to see how technology has shaped the school and were introduced to the school-issued chromebooks that each student is required to use. The guests also learned about the great service programs and campus ministry events that SJR offers every year. They saw how dedicated the freshman guidance program is to introducing their children to the new environment.
The theater program was another area of focus, as the families caught a glimpse of the phenomenal plays and musicals that SJR offers. After the tours were complete, the families were directed to the back of the school parking lot, where they could view the dozens of different clubs at St. Joe’s, ranging from Chess Club to UNICO Aces.
The prospective students also had the opportunity to see each sport and discuss with coaches about any future plans to join a team. At this time, they could also socialize with the current students and play games, thus invoking the lively atmosphere at SJR. With all of the activities and opportunities to learn more about the school, prospective Green Knights seemed to have an amazing time at the Open House, and hopefully most of them will become permanent students at SJR for the next four years.