When asked to describe SJR, one word comes back more often than any other: brotherhood. The intangible quality that comes from shared experience is so strong at SJR that many alumni remain close friends throughout life, serving as best men at weddings, getting together annually, and reminiscing about their high school years. Current students enjoy that same sense of brotherhood. No matter what your interests may be, you'll find opportunities for you at Joseph Regional High School.
“The brotherhood, camaraderie and family atmosphere are what brought me to Saint Joe’s. Just look at all of the alumni who have come back to teach and coach at SJR. It’s the kind of place you go to and never want to leave. I know I have met guys who will be my brothers for life.” - Nick Cevetillo ‘21
“During my time at SJR, I had great pride for my high school. During my college years, I came to learn that the experiences I had and the bonds I had formed during high school were remarkable. SJR facilitated these bonds throughout my time here as a student by encouraging active participation in the community in a multi-faceted manner.” - Liam Woods ‘16