Message from the Director of Guidance

Our guidance program is grounded in the basic principle of helping students to become independent, fully functioning contributing members of our school, the community and our society. Guidance counselors are concerned with the students’ total development: intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially. The three counselors, along with a Student Assistance Counselor, advocate for our students in a variety of personal, social and educational roles. Our responsibility to prepare learners to live and work in a changing society is met in individual, small group and large group settings.

As liaisons between the administration, faculty, parents and students, the guidance counselors help ensure that the students are prepared for the challenges of living in an increasingly diverse society with new and rapidly changing technology and expanding opportunities. Adolescence, a time of rapid growth and change, presents unique challenges both personally and developmentally that may impact students. The guidance program is designed to assist students not only in preparation for college, but in achieving the skills and knowledge appropriate for their developmental level.

The department schedules Guidance Nights for freshman, sophomore, junior and senior parents and students at appropriate times during the year. They also host a Financial Aid Night for parents to help prepare them for the cost of a college education.  Meetings are scheduled on a large group or individual family basis. Through these meetings, the counselors provide a framework for career exploration that fosters self-direction, personal motivation and incentive to achieve in all aspects of life.

Helping students reach their fullest potential is the ultimate goal of the guidance department.  
Arlene DiFiore
Director of Guidance