Barry J. Donnelly '71 Scholars

For more information, please contact Hillary Barnett at 201-391-3300 x246 or [email protected].

At the start of the 2020-2021 academic year, SJR introduced the Barry J. Donnelly '71 Scholars program to better position our most gifted students for admission to the most competitive colleges and universities in the nation.

The Donnelly Scholars program is designed to provide exciting challenges and opportunities for participants.

  • Applicants who score in the highest percentiles on the HSPT Exam, who have demonstrated exemplary academic achievement in grammar or middle school, and who are willing to assume the mantle of leadership are invited to participate.
  • The Donnelly Scholars will be offered increased opportunities to take Advanced Placement courses, even during their freshman year.
  • All Donnelly Scholars will be required to take all courses at the Honors or AP Level.
  • Free PSAT/SAT/ACT test prep will be offered.
  • The Scholars will take part in unique field trips to expand upon classroom subject matter and hear from professionals and experts in the fields of engineering and business.
  • Donnelly Scholars will be recognized as positive leaders in the school and communities where they live.

Freshman Curriculum

Biology H
English H
Geometry H
World History AP
World Language H

Who is Barry J. Donnelly '71?

Barry Donnelly '71 has served the SJR community for 45 years, ultimately as our school's first president from 2016-2019. His commitment to academic excellence and the development of the well-rounded man is evident in our culture and serves as the keystone for our educational philosophy.