Virtual Education - Educere

Educere delivers innovative virtual education opportunities to K-12 schools, students, and educators. Our customized technology-based education solutions are made available as an option to students and educators at public, private, and other schools, as well as directly to home school and other students. Through the unique relationships we arrange with university, college, and other education providers, Educere provides a single entry point for customers to access over 5,000 high-quality, cost-effective virtual education programs. Whether a student or educator needs a single course, or an individual or school requires a full curriculum, Educere has a virtual education program to fulfill these needs.

Students participating in the Educere take their on-line classes during a regular class period in the Media Center.  Course offerings are available at the accelerated, honors, and advanced placement levels.

Students may not take a course that is offered as a regular class at St. Joseph Regional High School on-line. Additionally, the school reserves the right to approve student course selections from among the many course offerings available through the Educere consortium