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Saint Joseph Regional welcomes all qualified grammar school students from Catholic, private, and public schools and transfer students seeking admission into grades 9, 10, or 11.

Requirements for all applicants:

Step 1:  Complete the online SJR Admissions Application. You will be asked to create an SJR Portal account. Please remember to jot down your username and password as you will be returning to this page often during the process.

Step 2:  Request Official Transcripts from your school. In your portal you will find a checklist item for this. Simply fill out the online request and when submitted, it will be sent to the person you designated. Once we receive the documents from your school, you will see this checklist item checked off.

Step 3: Request Letters of Recommendation. Each prospective student is required to provide at least one letter of recommendation (LOR) from their current school (teacher or administrator). Certainly, a second letter may also be provided (and is currently encouraged due to the absence of testing). Subsequent recommendation letters may be from coaches, clergy, etc. You will find a Letter of Recommendation form in your portal. Simply fill this out and send it to the person you are asking to provide the letter. (You will find one LOR request form in the "Required" section of your portal and a second in the "Optional" portion of your portal as we require one - the second is optional.)

Step 4: Upload your two most recent report cards to the portal. This information will be examined while we await your official transcripts (see step 2).

Step 5: Register for Open House and a Private Tour. Private tours are required for transfer students and recommended for grammar school students. We offer Open House programs in the fall. Private tours are given by appointment Mondays-Thursdays at 2:15.

Step 6: Click here if you have questions about Financial Aid. Click here to apply for financial aid. Please note that deadlines apply.

Additional requirements for current 8th grade students:
Students are required to take the HSPT exam which is scheduled for November 5, 2021.

Additional requirements for transfer students:
Complete the Transfer Questionnaire in the portal.

International Applicants
Saint Joseph Regional High School welcomes well-qualified international applicants who have a strong academic record and sufficient English language proficiency to perform well in a challenging college preparatory environment.

Saint Joseph Regional bases acceptance of international students on the following criteria:

1. Satisfactory official transcripts: Please fax (201-391-8073) or email (admissions the last three years of the student's transcripts plus current grades (report cards are not an acceptable form of transcripts). Please submit an official school document that gives a description of courses taken.

2. Standardized Test results (TOEFL, CLEP, or SLEP). Please fax or email the standardized scores using the information provided above.

3. An official letter from your bank noting required funds.

4. Proper government documents for residency.

5. Complete copy of immunization records and latest physical exam performed by your physician.

Once all of the above documents have been submitted, SJR Admissions will set up an in-person or video interview.

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Still have Questions? 
We are happy to help! Please contact us:

Ryan Asselta
Director of Admissions & Marketing
Hillary Barnett
Admissions Coordinator