Italian School Visits SJR

On Friday, March 3, SJR hosted co-ed students from the Liceo Salvemini in Sorrento, Italy. The Italian students were visiting New York City as part of their English III cultural immersion. Through a relationship with Mr. Mazzarella, SJR's Italian teacher, they held a Zoom with our freshman classes in late February before their trip.
For their spring break, they visited NYC and spent a half a day shadowing Green Knights on March 3. For most of the students it was their first time in the United States. 
Special thanks to Liceo Salvemini teacher Ms. Maria Di Leva for working to make the visit a reality.
"The students enjoyed every minute," explained Mazzarella. "They all wanted to come back the next day. When I explained we didn't have school on Saturday...they wanted to come back on Monday!"
The day began with a shared breakfast in the cafeteria. The Italian class was made up of 5 boys and 11 girls who were paired up with Green Knights to follow for morning classes. 3 enterprising students helped with the SJR morning announcements, prayer and pledge of allegiance. After enjoying bagels at separate tables - a little shyness on both sides - the pairs were off to class and the ice was broken.
By the time lunch rolled around, the students were no longer separted by country - sharing selfies, Snapchat handles and enjoyable conversation. 
"They look forward to returning next year to SJR and for us to go to their school in Sorrento on the southwest coast of Italy," said Mazzarella.