SJR Students Excel in National Italian Competition

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Saint Joseph Regional High School is proud to announce the outstanding performance of several freshman students in the highly esteemed National Italian Competition, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Italian (AATI).  These students have showcased exceptional proficiency and dedication to the Italian language and culture, earning well-deserved recognition for their achievements.


The National Italian Competition attracts a multitude of high school students from across the United States each year.  Mr. Mazzarella’s students have demonstrated remarkable linguistic skills, cultural knowledge, and an unwavering passion for the Italian language through their exceptional performance on the exam.


As part of the National Italian Competition, AATI offers an extensive regional and national prize program to celebrate the accomplishments of participating students.  St. Joseph Regional High School students have earned medals and certificates, which serve to honor and celebrate their achievements.


Stefano Delellis – Medalist

Thomas Foley – Medalist

Angelo Ruscitto - Medalist

Michael Asselta

Jayden Baldwin
Colby Bavaro
Fionn Craven
Gio Long
Dante Mangarelli
Lorenzo Zeccardi


The remarkable success of St. Joseph Regional High School students in the National Italian Competition not only highlights the school's commitment to providing a comprehensive and enriching educational experience but also showcases the dedication and passion of the students themselves.