Physics & Engineering Students Visit Power Plant

By Michael Kaminsky '24- SJR Media

On November 16th, the juniors of Mrs. Fink’s Honors Physics class and the seniors of her Honors Engineering class took a field trip to the Bergen Parkway Generating Station, in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey.  The Green Knights learned about the workings of the facility and took a tour around the entire power plant.  After learning about the jobs of some of the managers on the plant, students learned about the structure and science behind some of the plant’s complex generating systems.

Eager to get moving, the classes were taken on a tour of the entire plant. Not only getting to see some workers on the job, but they also saw areas like the control room and power grid. With the proper safety equipment of a hard hat and goggles, our upperclassmen were guided around, learning about the many different aspects of what powers over one million homes in Northern New Jersey.  We would like to thank those at PSEG’s Station for the experience and the opportunity to learn more about the workings of the plant.