Class Representatives

SJR Class Reps serve as representatives of their class in the planning and promotion of alumni events, reunions, and fundraisers. Along with that, each chair also supports the nurturing of their class’ network by sharing classmates’ significant life events and with moderating their class’ social networking groups.

Class Reps are alumni who actively support and provide oversight for activities sponsored by the Development/Alumni Relations Office.


  • Engage and communicate with classmates to foster unity that can be shared with the greater alumni community
  • Enhance alumni relations with new levels of participation and support


  • Act as a liaison between classmates and the school, educating alumni on the goals and objectives of SJR
  • Assist with communications and class outreach while encouraging classmates to actively participate in events
  • Invite classmates to volunteer for alumni events/programs
  • Assess and evaluate classmate reaction to alumni events/programs
  • Serve as a gatherer/distributor of class news, whether it’s a college graduation, birth of a child, a promotion, retirement or other accomplishments
  • Brainstorm and implement ways for alumni to be more involved and stay connected

If you are interested in becoming a Class Rep for your graduation class, please contact Scott Donnelly '02 at or 201-391-3300 x230.