Message from the SJR President

To the Saint Joseph Community, 

As our days grow longer the sunshine brings us warmth and we find ourselves entering the Easter season, it is a time for rebirth and renewal.  Let us pray for world peace and keep Jesus in our hearts.

For the Saint Joseph Regional Community, Easter is our holiest religious time of the year as we commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.   This time of year gives us great love, hope, and a start for newness.  As we take this time to reflect we surround ourselves with family and loved ones.  As our vibrant spring colors begin to blossom let's continue to count our blessings.

We encourage all families to celebrate and relax in a way that is meaningful to you.  We have many school activities planned during Spring and we will continue to foster a spirit of joy with cultural understanding within our diverse school community.

Wishing you a beautiful Easter Season filled with hope, growth, and knowing that Jesus Christ has risen.



Bob Fazio 
SJR President