Technology & Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy at Saint Joseph Regional High School embodies the standards for the 21st Century Learner. The young men who attend Saint Joseph's are citizens of the digital age and, as such, must be equipped with the skills, resources, and tools to: 

  • Inquire, think critically, and gain knowledge.
  • Draw conclusions, make informed decisions, apply knowledge to new situations, and create new knowledge.
  • Share knowledge and participate morally, ethically and productively as Catholic members of our democratic society.
  • Pursue personal growth to form the "Vir Fidelis", the Faithful Man, who embodies the teachings of Jesus Christ and the humble example of our patron, Saint Joseph.

Saint Joseph Regional High School considers our students as producers rather than consumers of technology. We foster digital literacy that reaches beyond the multitude of technological devices available to us in our society.  ISTE Standards for both students and teachers guide digital practices at St Joseph Regional which is vital in preparing students for both higher education, future careers, and a successful life in the real world.

In order to fulfill this mission, SJR fully utilizes leading-edge technology that provides our students with the tools to achieve the utmost success in a global venue:

  • The Saint Joseph Regional High School Media Center is open from 7:30 in the morning to 3:30 in the afternoon. Students are welcome to print in the Media Center before and after school through the Cloud Print app which allows documents to be sent to the printer from anywhere and live in the queue for up to 24 hours.  
  • In September 2015, a 1:1 Chromebook environment was launched for incoming freshmen and by the fall of 2018, the 1:1 school-wide concept was realized with all students and teachers participating in the program.  Chromebook Program
  • Saint Joseph Regional maintains a campus-wide high-speed wireless network.  Student Chromebooks connect seamlessly to the SJR secure network when on campus.  To protect and secure the school WiFi infrastructure personal devices are not allowed on the school network. 
  • Saint Joseph Regional subscribes to online databases that provide rich content and accurate information that augment class materials; POV databases allow students to examine multiple viewpoints on complex issues for better understanding.  An online edition of the New York Times is provided to our students and faculty on a daily basis and along with online subscriptions such as Scholastic Go and Worldbook online help keep students abreast of global issues.  SJR Databases & Subscriptions
  • Web 2.0 technology is embedded in all subject areas to allow our students to collaboratively produce and exhibit mastery of course through class blogs, ThingLinks, VoiceThreads, virtual science labs, online assessments, webpages, and other interactive presentations. Google Workspace for Education is utilized to provide paperless, real-time collaboration with other students and faculty.
  • SJR prepares our students with life and career skills while developing learning and innovation skills. engineering, robotics, computer science, economics, and marketing are offered as upper-class electives. An online virtual high school program is offered to students to pursue electives in advanced levels of math, science, and language.
  • Ongoing, in-house, professional development for faculty ensures that teachers have a greater understanding of the technology tools available in the classroom.  Interactive Whiteboards, science probes, access to e-textbooks, and collaborative learning activities engage students and help increase understanding.

The well-rounded student has always been fostered by Saint Joseph Regional High School. This concept began with the Xaverian Brothers, our founding order of teachers at SJR, and continues now in the third millennium. Saint Joseph Regional High School updates this theme and provides a new dimension to the well-rounded student by including digital literacy to our graduates' skill set.

EdTech Specialist: 
Margaret Sullivan
Director of Technology
Jim CIancia