St. Joseph Regional High School is an exceptional choice for those seeking a well-rounded education that embodies the tenets of "think, lead, serve." Rooted in a faith-based philosophy, SJR places a strong emphasis on promoting the Vir Fidelis, instilling values of faithfulness and commitment. The school's commitment to excellence extends from outstanding academics to its robust athletic and extracurricular activity offerings, providing opportunities for personal growth and development outside the classroom. Moreover, we foster a close-knit, family-like environment, where students feel supported and connected. For those seeking an education that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit, St. Joseph Regional High School is an exemplary choice.

The SJR curriculum consists of four academic programs: College Preparatory, Accelerated, Honors, and Advanced Placement. Highly motivated students can earn college credits through an ongoing partnership with Seton Hall University.

At SJR, it is our goal to carry on our core principle of instilling the values of the Vir Fidelis (faithful man) while developing the individual strengths of each student. We encourage the boys to truly journey outside of their comfort zones in order to think and challenge themselves. This creates a group of diverse individuals who harness their own talents, interests, and skills and come together to form a well rounded community.

SJR students are provided with a wide range of experiences that will help them develop lifelong leadership skills. Whether it be in the classroom, on the athletic fields, in the theater, or through clubs, activities, and interaction, our students are given a wide range of opportunities that help them develop leadership skills that serve them well beyond our campus. 

We believe that faith is action-oriented - in fact, it is a contact sport. We believe that we have to go out in the world and serve others - it is the cornerstone of our mission. Our service program is designed to provide students with opportunities to impact the needs of our communities – especially children, the elderly, the disadvantaged, the poor, and people with impairments. Through their volunteer efforts, students mature spiritually as they learn that by serving others, we emulate Christ, whose own ministry was one of service to others.

We invite you to consider St. Joseph Regional for your high school journey