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Financial Aid & Scholarships

The tuition for the 2019-2020 academic year is $14,800; it is paid over ten months, beginning in July and ending in April through the FACTS Tuition Management Plan. This plan is an automatic payment plan made through your checking or statement savings account. Those choosing this plan will authorize their financial institution to make automatic monthly payments to FACTS on a designated day each month.  FACTS payments may also be made by credit card, for a fee.

Inasmuch as FACTS does all the bookkeeping for the school, the only other alternative is making payment in full by July 1st.  In this case, families are entitled to a $300 tuition discount, provided they are not receiving any other form of tuition reduction (ie, scholarship or financial aid).

Though it is dependent on a number of variables and may fluctuate from year to year, the tuition typically increases by 2-3% annually.

Incoming freshmen pay a one-time registration fee of $850 that includes a $375 non-refundable fee and $475 toward the purchase of the student’s Chromebook with insurance coverage for 4 years.  That portion of the fee is refundable through June 15; students who withdraw from St. Joe’s after June 15 will receive the Chromebook that was ordered for them when it arrives.  Members of the graduating class pay a one-time senior fee (currently $370). There are no additional fees at St. Joseph Regional High School. Students do, however, pay for some textbooks and clothing items. There are also various uniform and equipment fees for most athletic programs.

The Archdiocese of Newark awards educational grants to some students on the basis of financial need through a program called “The Scholarship Fund for Inner City Children”.  Interested families should submit their financial aid applications by April 30, 2020. Information and instructions can be found on the Archdiocese of Newark Schools website (  Additionally, students may qualify for assistance from the Tri-County Scholarship Fund, which provides assistance, based solely on financial need, to students in Morris, Passaic and Sussex counties in New Jersey.  The application deadline is February 15, 2020.  Information and instructions can be found at

St. Joseph Regional High School provides a limited amount of financial assistance to students who demonstrate serious financial need. Such grants are offered in the form of tuition discounts and do not require repayment. Class of 2024 applicants who wish to be considered for such grants must complete a grant & aid application on FACTS by December 1, 2019, using their 2018 tax information.  Families can apply online by visiting SJR’s FACTS Information Page under the Admissions tab.  When the applications are completed and evaluated by FACTS, the school will allocate the resources that it has available as fairly and equitably as possible. Under no circumstances will the school extend financial assistance to a student whose family has not completed a financial aid application.

All applications for returning families (Classes of 2021, 2022 and 2023) must be submitted by April 1, 2020, using their 2019 tax information.   Families must submit a new application to the FACTS each year.


All applications for returning families (Classes of 2020, 2021 and 2022) must be submitted by April 1, 2019, using their 2018 tax information.   Families must submit a new application to the FACTS each year.



Saint Joseph Regional High School offers academic scholarships to top incoming freshmen. To be eligible for an academic scholarship, the student must have taken the High School Placement Test (HSPT), and have identified St. Joseph Regional as their first choice school. Academic scholarships are awarded in the form of full and partial tuition scholarships.  Students receiving such grants will be notified of their scholarship with their acceptance packet. 

HSPT scores alone do not guarantee that a student will be offered a scholarship.  The Admissions Committee also considers middle school grades and standardized test scores, comments about a student’s conduct and effort in middle school.  All academic scholarships are renewable from year to year, provided the student continues to achieve superior grades and demonstrate exemplary conduct at St. Joseph Regional.

Four special scholarships are presented annually to incoming freshman: All of the scholarship opportunities listed below are awarded on the basis of both need and merit. Completed financial aid forms are used to identify the families of students with serious financial need. Academic records and test scores, letters of recommendation and other material from the student’s application assist in identifying students whose accomplishments would merit consideration from the various scholarship committees.  All 2019 SJR Scholarship Applications are linked below.


  • The Robert J. Dinallo Memorial Scholarship Grant – this award, which covers the equivalent of one full year’s tuition, is presented to a student whose family has serious financial need. The recipient must excel academically, demonstrate the potential for participation in school activities and give evidence of maturity and good character. It is presented in memory of Robert J. Dinallo, a deceased member of the Class of 1981.  The selection is made by a committee representing the Dinallo family.
  • The Michael J. Bertolino Memorial Scholarship – this award of $2,500 for four years ($10,000 total), is presented to an incoming freshman who has financial need and who has demonstrated the potential for academic excellence. He must also demonstrate the potential for participation in school activities and be of exemplary character. The selection is made by the Bertolino family, in memory of their son, Michael, a graduate of the Class of 1996.
  • The SJR Alumni Scholarship Grant –this award covers the recipient’s full tuition for his entire four-year program at St. Joe’s.  The recipient must demonstrate serious financial need, the highest level of academic achievement and evidence of exceptional character. The selection is made by a committee of alumni, and involves a personal interview.
  • The SJR Performing Arts Scholarship Grant – this award is made to an incoming freshman who has demonstrated financial need and exceptional talent in the area of performing arts. It is anticipated that the recipient would involve himself in the fine arts program of the school, especially the chorus, band, and the theater program. The selection is made by the school, following an audition and interview process.


When two brothers attend St. Joseph during the same academic year, each will receive a $1000 tuition discount. Students whose parent(s) teach in the Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Newark will receive a $1000 discount each year. Students whose father is an alumnus of Saint Joseph Regional High School will receive a $1000 discount.

I Still Have Some Questions

How can I obtain additional information about tuition and financial aid?

Information can be obtained by calling the Business Office during regular school hours.  The school number is (201) 391-3300 x205.