About Me

Gerry is a  graduate of Montclair State where he studied biology and chemistry. He received his BS in 1985 and MA in 1989. He spent 33 years teaching in public schools. After 28 years in the Ramsey public schools, he retired in June 2018, to join the staff here at Saint Joseph Regional. 
Teaching Philosophy:
I chose to teach because it is what I always wanted to do. I enjoy science and like to share my knowledge with my students. I believe science should be interactive and enjoyable for students to study. I think that science is very interesting and helps us understand the world we live in better. I always tell my students, you may not become a scientist, but science will help you view the world differently. I will always strive to do what ever I can to help my students succeed.
Ask Me About:
I really enjoy studying nutrition, exercise and fitness and always look for ways to interject that into my classes. If you want to get me excited, ask me anything about those topics. Sports are also something I enjoy talking about. Ice hockey and college football are my two favorites. I am always happy to talk about my five wonderful children too.
When I am not at SJR you'll find me:
Usually doing something family related. If I'm not involved with one of my children, I will be with my wife doing something around the house. When I have time, the beach and anywhere fishing are always good places to be. Taking long walks or hiking with our rescue dog is another great way to enjoy the world.
I Like to work at SJR because:
I enjoy teaching in a Christian environment where the name of Jesus Christ is glorified and my faith can be used in the classroom. The people here are very special and the well being of our students is most important as we glorify God.