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Power your Chromebook off and on using the POWER Button  (press and hold for a few seconds - do not press over and over again)
    • This will also solve most wifi issues
Sometimes a student or a "friend" may "accidentally" put the device in suspended mode.  
    • To wake a device up from suspended mode simply plug it in and press the power button
If these measures fail, perform a Hard Reset
  • Step 1:  Turn off the Chromebook by holding down the Power button.
  • Step 2:  Press and hold the Refresh button and then tap the Power button
  • Step 3:  Once the Chromebook starts, release the Refresh button.


Good Digital Hygiene, Tech Tips, & Troubleshooting

All technology works best when its operating system is up-to-date.  Chromebooks seamlessly update when powered off and back on.  When the OS is not up-to-date, the device may not function properly.  It is essential that Chromebooks are powered off and on daily to keep them performing at their best.  This 10-second procedure keeps everything running at optimal performance.  

  •  Chromebooks are a school tool and not a charger for cell phones and other devices.  Some devices, especially new high-speed USB C cables, can cause damage to the Chromebook battery and void the warranty.
  • Chromebooks and all other tech tools should not be subjected to extreme temperatures, hot or cold. Please take extra care with regard to temperature fluctuations. If the Chromebook has been left in the cold, do not power it on until it has been brought inside and adjusted to room temperature.  Damage as a result of exposure to extreme elements is not covered by the school insurance policy.
Please plug in your Chromebook every night and bring it to school charged the next day. 2 hours gives you 12!
Week of May 20th

Internet browsers, like Chrome, save information from websites in their cache and cookies for faster, easier access.  Regular clearing of the cache fixes many problems, like etextbook loading troubles, lagging, and website formatting issues.

  • From the upper right corner to the right of the URL Bar -  click "More" (3 vertical dots)
  • Click More Tools  
  • Clear Browsing Data.
  • Time range - select "All Time"
  • Select the boxes next to:
    • Browsing History
    • Cookies and other site data
    • Cached images and files
  • Click Clear Data
  • Then if necessary, Restart Chromebook


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Save Time; Send your Print from Home
Documents sent to the "FollowMe" Printer in the MC now stay in the queue for 16 hours.  So, when you are finished with your homework, send it to the printer, then in the morning (7:30-8) stop by the Media Center, sign in to the printer w/ your student ID and retrieve your document.  
Last-minute printing (8:00-8:10) on a busy morning is not guaranteed; save time, print from home, and retrieve before 8AM!
BTW:  There is also lots of time to print from 2-3:30pm every day!