SJR Student News & More
Welcome Back to the Class of 2021
All seniors are welcomed back to campus for 5 days of in-person instruction
Class of '22, '23, '24
Team Green: Last names A – H 
Team Gold: Last names I – P 
Team White: R – Z and Donnelly Scholars 
Knight’s Bridge Academy students will come to school each day
New Cafeteria Vendor
MJB Catering will be taking over the SJR cafeteria. 
You can view the menu by clicking HERE
The hot entrée will be $7.50 and will include a bottle of water and a fresh baked cookie. 
Credit/debit card only.
Welcome Home Seniors!
Rockland's Kettle Corn Truck 
will be providing a free treat to all seniors at dismissal courtesy of the Parents' Guild
Monday, April 12th
'22, '23, '24
Tuesday, April 13th
3D Printing:  in the MC @ 2pm
Stock Market: in the MC @ 2pm
Performing Arts: 
Band:  rehearsal after school
Wednesday, April 14th
Performing Arts: 
Chorus:  rehearsal after school
Thursday, April 15th
3D Printing:  in the MC @ 2pm
Performing Arts: 
Band:  rehearsal after school
Techniques to Cope with Stress
link to join coming soon
Friday, April 16th
Campus Ministry
Mass in the chapel at 7:40am
Saturday, April 17th
Sunday, April 18th
  • The more instances of MEET a student has open, the more network bandwidth they will be using (and also more resources they will be using on their Chromebook slowing it down). Make sure to close out of a previous MEET before entering the next MEET to improve network quality.
  • Students can also check their home wifi network stability from the 3 dots (bottom right of the MEET) and clicking on "Troubleshooting and Help". Once there, students are reminded to avoid activities that use lots of bandwidth and/or interfere w/ wifi signals like video games and microwaves. Physically moving closer to the wifi router will also help with speed and connection.  Watch this screencast for more troubleshooting tips Webcam Issues
  • Internet browsers, like Chrome, save information from websites in their cache and cookies for faster, easier access.  Regular clearing of cache fixes many problems, like etextbook loading troubles, services lagging, and website formatting issues. 
    • From the upper right -  click "More" (3 vertical dots)
    • Click More Tools  Clear Browsing Data.
    • Time range - select "All Time"
      • Check the boxes next to "Browsing History"
      • "Cookies and other site data"
      • "Cached images and files
    • "Click Clear Data and Restart Chromebook
  • Since March 2020, the Internet, and computers worldwide have been asked to perform at unprecedented levels.  Video-conferencing tools are memory-intensive and demand a lot from your network and devices, especially when you are participating in multiple MEETs a day (students take part in 7!).  The first and easiest troubleshooting step when encountering a problem whether, on a laptop, desktop, Chromebook is to restart the computer.  Without a hard drive to boot up, a Chromebook can reboot in 8 seconds.  Restarting any computer clears the current state of the computer and software, which were causing the problem. Restarting can even help solve the Internet or Network problems. When it restarts, everything starts fresh, and problems are typically resolved.  For homework, students should proactively power down your Chromebook daily.  By the way, Google updates automatically when devices are restarted so this will keep you up to date with the latest updates, of which there are many. When at school (in-person or virtual) it is important to only have school tabs open, running videos or games in the background will seriously slow down connections for not only yourself but for everyone connected to the school network.  
  • Please only use the charger that came w/ your Chromebook or an authorized replacement from Dell/HP/IBM (replacements are available at school).  Other chargers may not meet safety regulations. There are many 3rd party chargers that have different output voltage and current ratings and may use poor quality components.
  • Chromebooks are a school tool and not a charger for cell phones and other devices.  Some devices, especially new high-speed USB C cables, can cause damage to the Chromebook battery and void the warranty.
  • Chromebooks and all other tech tools should not be subjected to extreme temperature, hot or cold. Please take extra care with regard to temperature fluctuations. If the Chromebook has been left in the cold, do not power it on until it has been brought inside and adjusted to room temperature.  Damage as the result of exposure to extreme elements is not covered by the school insurance policy.
If you would like to lead the morning prayer, please click HERE to sign up.
Questions? Mr. LoGiudice - logiudicej@sjrnj.org
Contact Coach Dan DaPonte at sjrlax@sjrnj.org
Please be sure to include your name and grade level in your email.
Students will be required to be in their SJR polo shirt each day, including days of remote learning. 
All students must be in khakis or dress pants with shoes.
Students are required to wear their ID cards while in school and will use the ID card to scan in for attendance each day.
Acceptable face coverings:
No gaiters
No inappropriate content on masks
No face shields
Acceptable Face Covering
Save Time; Send your Print from Home
Documents sent to the "FollowMe" Printer in the MC now stay in the queue for 16 hours.  So, when you are finished with your homework, send it to the printer, then in the morning (7:30-8) stop by the Media Center, sign in to the printer w/ your student ID and retrieve your document.  
Last-minute printing (8:00-8:10) on a busy morning is not guaranteed; save time, print from home, and retrieve before 8AM!
BTW:  There is also lots of time to print from 2-3:30pm every day!