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Week of May 16, 2022
Due to the incredible success during our annual Day of Giving, there will be no school on Friday, May 27!

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The student dress code is as follows:
  • Uniform approved polo shirts will continue to be worn all year, with the exception of mass days, and
    any other days as determined by the administration.
  • On days when there is Mass, a white dress shirt and school tie (purchased through our Bookstore) is
  • Students may wear khaki shorts and sneakers during the month of September. Beginning on
    Monday, October 4, all students must wear khaki dress pants and shoes.
  • School shoes should be a black or cordovan oxford, loafer, or low-cut docksides/boat shoes. During
    the month of September, students may wear sneakers when wearing shorts.
  • Students must always be neatly groomed. Hair that extends over the mid-point of the collar or over
    the ears is not permitted. Hair should not be dyed or colored.
  • Other dress code regulations can be found in the Student Handbook, which is located on our website
    under both the Parent and Student tabs.
Masks MUST be worn by all students, faculty, and staff when indoors on campus.
This rule is non-negotiable.
Students who fail to adhere to this rule will be immediately suspended.
It is important toremember that safety is everyone’s responsibility.
Acceptable face coverings:
No gaiters
No inappropriate content on masks
No face shields
As SJR revisits virtual learning, it is vital that we practice good digital hygiene.  Webcams, necessary for Google MEETs, can be greatly affected by wifi strength.  Playing games and watching videos during school hours will have negative effects on MEETs.  
Best Practices for Remote Learning
  • Move your chromebook closer to your wifi router
  • Limit the number of windows/tabs open on your Chromebook
    • Only have tabs necessary for schoolwork open during the school day
  • Do not have other laptops, smart phones, or smart TVs running games or videos during school hours
  • Even having Alexa play music or using a microwave oven can disrupt your wifi connection
in order to protect the integrity of the MEET the camera will shut off but the MEET will continue
All technology works best when its operating system is up-to-date.  Chromebooks seamlessly update when powered off and back on.  When the OS is not up-to-date, the device may not function properly.  It is very important that chromebooks are powered off and on daily to keep them functioning at their best.  This 10 second procedure keeps everything running at optimal performance.  
Internet browsers, like Chrome, save information from websites in their cache and cookies for faster, easier access.  Regular clearing of cache fixes many problems, like etextbook loading troubles, lagging, and website formatting issues.
  • From the upper right corner to the right of the URL Bar -  click "More" (3 vertical dots)
  • Click More Tools  
  • Clear Browsing Data.
  • Time range - select "All Time"
  • Select the boxes next to:
    • Browsing History
    • Cookies and other site data
    • Cached images and files
  • Click Clear Data and Restart Chromebook
This analogy (found online) may explain it best.  
Internet service is not unlimited. Whatever network you are attached to takes a piece of the available internet, so the number of other people on their own networks can also affect your connectivity and internet speed. Think of the overall internet like a birthday cake. Each network takes a piece. The more networks that want some, the smaller the pieces will have to be to serve everyone. Your household/school then has to share their one piece of cake with every connected device on your individual network. Just because more people want to use the internet, the capacity of the internet does not increase. It is fixed. You aren’t baking another cake in the middle of the birthday party because some extra guests showed up.
Specific home network troubleshooting tips can be found directly inside each Google Meet
  • Chromebooks are a school tool and not a charger for cell phones and other devices.  Some devices, especially new high-speed USB C cables, can cause damage to the Chromebook battery and void the warranty.
  • Chromebooks and all other tech tools should not be subjected to extreme temperature, hot or cold. Please take extra care with regard to temperature fluctuations. If the Chromebook has been left in the cold, do not power it on until it has been brought inside and adjusted to room temperature.  Damage as the result of exposure to extreme elements is not covered by the school insurance policy.
Save Time; Send your Print from Home
Documents sent to the "FollowMe" Printer in the MC now stay in the queue for 16 hours.  So, when you are finished with your homework, send it to the printer, then in the morning (7:30-8) stop by the Media Center, sign in to the printer w/ your student ID and retrieve your document.  
Last-minute printing (8:00-8:10) on a busy morning is not guaranteed; save time, print from home, and retrieve before 8AM!
BTW:  There is also lots of time to print from 2-3:30pm every day!
Google Chat
Use the new
Parents and students are encouraged to order the hot special of the day in advance. The cutoff for orders will be 7PM the night before. After that time the hot special will have to be ordered when the student arrives for his lunch session. In addition to the daily hot special, Sandwiches & Salads will be available. *
There will be 2 registers located in the food service area * Students can pay via credit card, debit card, apple pay and cash
Questions? Mr. Michael Butti – [email protected]
MJB Catering