2023-24 Transportation

SJR offers bus transportation (for a fee) to and/or from designated stops in the following towns (subject to change). Students do not have to reside in these towns to participate. 
Cliffside Park
Elmwood Park
Fort Lee
Glen Ridge
New Milford
N Arlington
N Bergen
Palisades Park
River Edge
Please see route schedules below. For shared routes with Paramus Catholic, once at Paramus Catholic SJR students will offload and wait in the North Cafeteria until the SJR bus arrives. That bus will then load students waiting to finish the trip to SJR.
Route A (one-way AM):
381 Washington Ave (Kings Market Plaza) Hillsdale, (7:15 am);
Broadway, Westwood (Westwood Train station, 7:20 am)
249 Kinderkamack Road (M&T Bank), Emerson (7:25am);
SJR Arrival (7:55am)
Route B (one-way PM):
Leaves SJR (2:00pm);
Hillsdale (2:10pm);
Westwood (2:15pm);
Emerson (2:25pm)
Route D (one-way PM only):
Leaves SJR (2:00pm);
Boulevard & Madison Ave, New Milford (2:20 pm);
Washington & Madison Ave, Dumont (2:25pm);
Madison Ave & Jefferson Ave, Cresskill (2:30pm);
Demarest Ave & Tenafly Rd, Englewood (2:40 pm);
Teaneck Rd & E Englewood Ave, Teaneck (2:50pm);
Anderson Ave & Main St, Fort Lee (3:00pm)

Route G (Roundtrip- No PC stop in PM):
Metro Park (6:25 am);
Whitney Houston Service Plaza, Union (6:40am);
Brookdale Service Plaza (6:55 am);
1189 Broad Street, (Stop & Shop), Clifton (7:05am);
Garden State Plaza-Nordstroms (7:20am);
PC Arrival *am only (7:30 am); SJR Arrival (7:45am)
Return Departs SJR (2:00pm)

Route R (roundtrip):
Erskine & Skyline Drive;
Ringwood (St. Catherine School, 6:40am);
409 Ramapo Valley Road, Oakland (Walgreens, 6:55am);
Route 17 Train Station, Ramsey (7:10am);
SJR Arrival (7:40am);

Return Departs SJR 2:00pm;
Ramsey Route 17 (2:15pm);
Oakland (2:40pm);
Ringwood (3:00pm)

Route 1 (one way AM Only ):
Woodland Ave & Ridge Rd, Rutherford (6:25am);
Post Ave & Ridge Rd, Lyndhurst (6:28am);
Canterbury Ave & Ridge Rd, N Arlington (6:29am);
Ridge Park Dr & Ridge Rd, N Arlington (6:30am);
Front St & Ridge Rd, N Arlington (6:31am);
Hendel Ave & Ridge Rd, N Arlington (6:33am);
Stuyvesant Ave & Kearny Ave, Kearny (6:38am);
Liberty St & Kearny Ave, Kearny (6:44am);
PC Arrival (7:25 am); SJR Arrival (7:50 am)

Route 2 (one way AM Only):
Raymond Ave & Bloomfield Ave, Nutley (6:20am);
Church St & Bloomfield Ave, Nutley (6:23am);
Harrison St & Prospect St, Nutley (6:24am);
Joralemon St & Bernice Rd, Belleville (6:25am);
Joralemon St & S Franklin Ave, Belleville (6:25am);
Belleville Ave & Garden Ave, Belleville (6:27am);
Union Ave & Joralemon St, Belleville (6:32am);
Ralph St & Joralemon St, Belleville (6:34am);
Main St & Little St, Belleville (6:35am);
Union Ave & Little St, Belleville (6:40am);
Union Ave & Greylock Pkwy, Belleville (6:41am);
E Centre St & River Rd, Nutley (6:45am);
PC Arrival (7:25 am); SJR Arrival (7:50 am)
Route 3 (one way AM only):
Watsessing Ave & Bloomfield Ave, Bloomfield (6:30am);
Franklin St & Berkley Ave, Bloomfield (6:33am);
Bloomfield Ave & Ridgewood Ave, Glen Ridge (6:39am);
Grove St & Claremont Ave, Montclair (6:42am);
Broad St & Bay Ave, Bloomfield (6:44am);
Broad St & Watchung Ave, Bloomfield (6:47am);
N Broad St & W Passaic Ave, Bloomfield (6:48am);
E Passaic Ave & Darling Ave, Bloomfield (6:50am);
PC Arrival (7:25 am); SJR Arrival (7:50 am)
Route 4 (one way AM only):
Anderson Ave & Main St, Fort Lee (6:23am);
6th St & Brinkerhoff Ave, Palisades Park (6:25am);
Central Blvd & 16th, Fort Lee (6:26am);
Palisade Ave & Marion Ave, Cliffside Park (6:30am);
Anderson Ave & Oakdene, Cliffside Park (6:36am);
Anderson Ave & Edgewater, Cliffside Park (6:37am);
Anderson Ave & Walker Ave, Fairview (6:38am);
Walker Ave & Palisade Ave, Cliffside Park (6:40am);
Palisade Ave & Woodcliff Ave, N Bergen (6:43am);
Fairview Ave & Anderson Ave, Fairview (6:44am);
Bergen Blvd & Park Ave, Fairview (6:48am);
Edgewater Ave & Studio Rd, Ridgefield (6:49am);
Edgewater Ave & Shaler, Ridgefield (6:50am);
Edgewater Ave & Prospect Ave, Ridgefield (6:51am);
PC Arrival (7:25 am); SJR Arrival (7:50 am)

Route 5 (one way AM Only):
Madison Ave & Jefferson Ave, Cresskill (6:31am);
Madison Ave & Pershing St, Dumont (6:34am);
Madison Ave & Washington Ave, Dumont (6:36am);
Madison Ave & Johnson Ave, Dumont (6:39am);
Madison Ave & Boulevard, New Milford (6:42am);
Madison Ave & River Rd, New Milford (6:44am);
Kinderkamack Rd & Continental Ave, River Edge (6:48am);
Continental Ave & 5th Ave, River Edge (6:51am);
Midland Ave & Iversen Ct, Paramus (6:55am) ;
PC Arrival (7:25 am); SJR Arrival (7:50 am)

Route 6 (one way AM only):
Lee St. & Mola Blvd, Elmwood Park (6:10 am);
River Rd & Locust Ave, Elmwood Park (6:15 am);
Chamberlain Ave & Preakness Ave, Paterson (6:21am);
Auburn St & Broadway Ave, Paterson (6:28am);
20th Ave & Martin St, Paterson (6:32am);
20th Ave & E 23rd St, Paterson (6:34am);
Delaware Ave & Main St, Paterson (6:40am);
Delaware Ave & Trenton Ave, Paterson (6:44am);
20th Ave & E 40th St, Paterson (6:49am);
Park Ave & Wall Ave, Paterson (6:52am);
11th Ave & E 30th St, Paterson (6:56am);
8th Ave & Madison Ave, Paterson (7:00am);
PC Arrival (7:25 am); SJR Arrival (7:50 am)
Route 7 (one way AM only):
Van Cortland Terr & Van Buskirk Rd, Teaneck (6:30am);
State St & Teaneck Rd, Teaneck (6:32am);
Teaneck Rd & W Englewood Ave, Teaneck (6:33am); 
E Forest Ave & Teaneck Rd & W Forest Ave, Teaneck (6:35am);
Cranford Pl & Teaneck Rd, Teaneck (6:36am);
Country Club Dr & Sheffield Rd, Teaneck (6:38am);
'Lindbergh Blvd & Lucy Ave & Redmond St, Teaneck (6:41am);
Herrick Ave & Queen Anne Rd, Teaneck (6:44am);
Fort Lee Rd & Woodbine St, Teaneck (6:47am);
Catalpa Ave & North St, Teaneck (6:52am);
Beverly Rd & Garrison Ave, Teaneck (6:55am);
Garrison Ave & Standish Rd, Teaneck (6:57am);
PC Arrival (7:25am); SJR Arrival (7:50am)
Payments and/or payment arrangements are due Sept. 5
Space is extremely limited and will fill up on certain routes so registration is on first come first serve basis
Transportation will begin on the first full day of classes on Monday 9/11

Payment is required to secure a spot for your student. We will not "hold" seats. Routes and/or times are subject to change. 

Remit payment by check (payable to St. Joseph Regional High School) or credit card (call the Business Office 201-391-3300 x205). The charge for this service is $750 (one-way) or $1,500 (roundtrip) payable in two installments: the first installment is due by September 5, 2023 and the second installment is due by December 1, 2023.