Theology II Honors


This is my 24thd year teaching Theology at SJR. Over the years I have taught all four grade levels. This year (2021-2022) I have four out of five senior sections (Theology IV) and one sophomore section (Theology II Honors).
My e-mail address is My SJR phone extension is 261.

My sophomore class is one out of five Theology sections, and it is Section 1.
PLEASE NOTE:  Portions of this page are still under construction.
Course Syllabus:
See the download links to the right for the syllabus for each of the two courses that comprise Theology II.
Fall Semester:  The Mission of Jesus Christ (The Paschal Mystery)
Spring Semester:  Jesus Christ's Mission Continues in the Church
Homework Assignments:
All homework assignments are posted to Google Classroom. See me about the access code if you need it.

Grading Policy:
Tests = 30%
Quarterly Exam = 20%
Group Work / Projects = 20%
Homework = 20%
Class Participation = 10%

First Semester:  The Mission of Jesus Christ (The Paschal Mystery)
Textbook: Jesus Christ: Source of Our Salvation, 2nd edition, Ave Maria Press, 2018
Second Semester:  Jesus Christ's Mission Continues in the Church
Textbook: Jesus and the Church:  One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, Ave Maria Press, 2014

1. When you are absent, it is your responsibility to see me about any notes, assignments, handouts, and/or announcements you missed.

2. You will be given one school day for each day of absence plus one extra school day to make up missed work (e.g., 2 days absence = 3 days to make up work). If you are absent for a prolonged amount of time, I will work out a make-up schedule with you.
3. Being absent does NOT excuse you from work you missed. You are still responsible for it.

4. If you are absent on the day a test is given, you will be expected to take the test the day you return to class. If you were absent immediately prior to a test and missed material for that test, I will assign a time frame for you to get caught up and take a make-up test.

5. If your absence is unexcused, you will lose points on any missed work, quiz or test.
Assignments - General Policies:
1. All assignments are posted to Google Classroom and should be submitted via the same, unless otherwise indicated.
2. When typing your answers and work, use single spacing. Blank lines and empty space are unnecessary. Adjust your margins and use one page whenever possible.
3. Assignments turned in late will lose 15 points per day. On the third day late, it becomes a zero.
4. You are expected to use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization for all of your work. Failure to do so will result in a loss of points. Content (what you say) and form (how you say it) are both important parts of your work.
5. All assignments must have a complete heading:  your name,  date, Theology IV, and the name of the assignment (each one has a unique name).
6. Everyone makes mistakes, and one or two mistakes on an assignment are tolerable. If your assignment has more, you may lose points. Proofread your work. Accuracy counts.
Class Participation:
1. You are expected to participate in a constructive way in discussions and activities by sharing your comments and questions; being alert and paying attention; and showing respect for others at all times. Doing so will guarantee you at least a 90 for your class participation grade. Your grade will increase or decrease depending on whether you exceeded or fell short of the mark. Each countable infraction results in a 3-point deduction from your class participation grade.

2. Proper, mature, and responsible behavior is expected from you. This behavior is spelled out here, our the school's website, in the student handbook, etc., so you can’t legitimately plead ignorance. More importantly, displaying proper, mature, disciplined behavior is how a man acts. Disruptive and immature behavior is what boys do. If you want to be viewed and treated as a man, then act like one.
3. You are expected to have fully functioning Chromebook for every class. If something on it is not working properly, see Mrs. Sullivan about getting it fixed. Get a loaner in the meantime. If you have financial issues that somehow prevent you from getting your Chromebook fixed, see me.

4. Offending someone’s dignity will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disciplinary action.

5. When you stream class from home, you are expected to behave and dress the way you would if you were physically in the classroom. If you cannot behave properly, or if you become a distraction, I will remove you from the video feed for that day and you will lose participation points.
6. When you stream class at home, I expect to see a live video feed of you sitting in front of your Chromebook for the entire period. If I see anything else (e.g., initial, avatar, blank screen, your ceiling), you will be marked absent.
7. Multiple infractions will result in communication and/or a meeting with your parents or guardian.

Group Work:
1. Periodically you will be given an assignment to be done in small groups (2 or 3 people) during the class period. These assignments, in part, emphasize the importance of teamwork and accountability.
2. Some students prefer to work alone, and while it's not my preference, I will make exceptions.

3. Unless otherwise indicated, group work will count as a quiz grade. For group work, the same grade will be given to each member of the group, assuming that each student has contributed equally to the work. Grades are usually given in increments of 5 points (80, 85, 90, etc.).

1. Homework is due by the time designated in Google Classroom. Homework handed in past that time is late, and points will de deducted.
2. Homework assignments are given a numerical grade, ranging anywhere from 0 for not doing the assignment -- or for doing it so poorly or with such little effort as to warrant no credit for it -- to a 100. For assignments that are done exceedingly well, a 105 or even a 110 may be given. Generally speaking, a grade of 85 or lower is given when (a) answers are missing and/or incomplete, (b) your work contains too many mistakes, (c) your answers are lacking in detail, and/or (d) your paper does not have a complete heading. A grade of 90 is given when you have completed the assignment in a satisfactory manner. A grade of 95 or higher is given when (a) your answers show greater detail, (b) you provide more specific examples, (c) you demonstrate a deeper level of thought, and/or (d) you make connections to your own life experiences or your faith.

1. I might use quotes, excerpts, questions, and answers from your assignments, tests or class discussions in articles or other publications I write. On the Theology Class Policies Sheet you signed and returned you can opt out of this by checking the box.

1. Each class begins with some kind of prayer experience. Knowing about God does not help us very much if we do not also sustain a living relationship with Him, and we do this in part through prayer.

2. Prayer time is sacred time—however short or long it may be—and each student is expected to show it the proper respect through posture, attitude, and appropriate silence/reflection. Though not every student is a Christian, and some students may not believe in God at all, everyone is still required to show respect for the beliefs and faith practices that are important to their classmates.

3. Students will be encouraged, but never compelled, to lead the class in prayer